DDR4 4GB 8GB 16GB 2133 2400 2666 3000 3200MHZ RAM 260Pin 1.2V SODIMM Laptop Memory Support Notebook

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ddr4 ram 4GB 8GB 16GB 2133 2400 2666 3200 sodimm laptop memory

Each memory through the various types of manual testing, make the product can used in different application environments,be able to provide users with both high-performance and high stability of the computer experience.
Whether it is general user, gamers, or computer enthusiasts, can feel  memory bring the performance improvement for computer
Product description:
4GB 8GB 16GB DDR4  2133MHz or 2400MHz/2666MHz/3200MHz

CAS Latency:1333MHz = CL9, 1600MHz = CL11, 2133MHZ = CL15, 2400MHZ = CL17, 2666MHZ = CL19, 3200MHZ =CL22

Original Chips,For HY SEC ELP MIC…

260Pins, Laptop Memory

Dual Channel Support


Superior quality and best price

Unbuffered, Non-ECC, Non-Registered

Fully tested

Three Years Warranty    

Package Including:
1 pieces DDR4 laptop memory
NOTE: we show the photo of the color  the products, pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.

We have two memory colors ( green,black), it will be sent by randomly. 
Mass Consumption

Enjoy a quality brand experience at an affordable price

International Standard Quality

100% multistage testing with outstanding performance and efficiency

1:Competitive Price:our company is committed to a computer peripheral accessories product sales, we have the most competitive Price.
2:One-Stop Shopping:We offer all Kinds of memory types.
3:Professional service:We have professional team and efficient work flow, which keep us offering the best service for our customers.
4:Tested before shipping;Safety packing box
5:memory lifetime warranty


Informação adicional

Cable length

1X DDR4 4GB 2400, 1X DDR4 8GB 2400, 1X DDR4 16G 2400, 1X DDR4 4GB 2666, 1X DDR4 8GB 2666, 1X DDR4 16G 2666, 1X DDR4 8GB 3200, 1X DDR4 16G 3200, 1X DDR4 32G 3200, 2X DDR4 4GB 2400, 2X DDR4 8GB 2400, 2X DDR4 16G 2400, 2X DDR4 4GB 2666, 2X DDR4 8GB 2666, 2X DDR4 16G 2666, 2X DDR4 8GB 3200, 2X DDR4 16G 3200, 2X DDR4 32G 3200


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