JIESHUO RX6600 8GB Graphics Card GPU GDDR6 128bit computer graphics RX 6600M Gaming or Mining, RX 6600 Support Desktop CPU card

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PS: The new Jieshuo RX 6600M 8G can only be used on Windows。Support power supply above 600W

1. If you are playing games, it can only play games, not mining, and you cannot change the system to mine!

2. If it is mining, it can only be mined on Windows, and the computing power is about 31MH+! But you need a specific driver, please contact us after receiving the goods, our technicians will help you install the mining driver! Once you choose to mine 6600M graphics card! Unable to change the system to play the game!

Please pay attention when purchasing! Once confirmed by the system, it cannot be changed after receipt. This product has been fixed for use. Please confirm whether it is mining or playing games before purchasing!


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RX 6600M 8G Gaming, RX 6600M 8G Mining, RX 6600 XT 8G, RX 6600 8G


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