Kingston DDR2 2GB 800MHZ PC2 6400 Desktop Memory DIMM DDR3 2GB 4GB 8GB 1333MHZ 1600MHZ PC3 10600 12800 Memory RAM

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About us.


1.Brand new memory, factory direct sales, large inventory, 100% testing to ensure easy use, high-quality brand new memory wholesale.


2.If you have any requirements for customs declaration, please leave me a message.


3.If you have any questions about the accessories your computer needs, please leave a message to me and I will give you suggestions.


4.CPU-Z only shows half of the actual frequency, if you see 400MHZ in CPU-Z, then the memory is 800MHZ


5.If there is any problem with the item you received, please contact our customer service and we will solve the problem for you

Please know before buying


These 2GB rams are used(Stored for a long time and looks old.. Test works fine). These 4GB, 8GB rams are new


Wide boards and narrow boards are sent randomly


This memory is fully compatible memory. It can be used on AMD, Intel ordinary desktop motherboards. Can also be used for server motherboards such as X79 X58. Two different types of memory generally cannot be used on the same motherboard


1. For example, G41, P41, N68, P55 and 775 interface motherboards cannot use any 8GB memory model of this link


2. For example, H61, H55, G61 and 1155 1156 interface motherboards cannot use the 8GB memory model of 1RX8 (single-sided 8 chips), they can use the 8GB memory model of 2RX8 (double-sided, 8 chips per side, total 16 chips).


3.The reason is that some motherboards cannot read some chips with too large a capacity. For example, an 8GB single-sided memory, a total of 8 chips, each chip contains 1GB capacity, some older motherboards (such as H55) cannot read it. But, an 8GB two-sides memory which is total 16 chips, each chip is 512MB can be read.


4.Regarding the memory frequency was originally 1600mhz, but the memory you received can only be read at 1333mhz. Most of the time, it is not a memory problem, but the motherboard and processor are not strong enough to read so much memory. For example, the maximum supported frequency of a motherboard or processor is 1333mhz, even if the memory with a higher frequency is installed, this motherboard can only read 1333mhz


5. If you are not sure about the computer model, you can install CPU-Z to detect the computer’s motherboard and processor model, then take a screenshot and leave me a message. I will recommend the most suitable memory.


Lifetime Warranty


New brand with box


Pass the comprehensive test before leaving the factory, the quality is stable


To ensure fast delivery, spot


New brand 8GB 4GB computer memory with box, desktop 16 chips, 8 chips on each side, double-sided vest type thermal memory.



Desktop: DDR2,DDR3


Capacity: 8GB 4GB 2GB


Memory speed: DDR3-1600MHz PC3-12800MHZ


Memory slot: DIMM


Chipset: 8Bits ETT chip


Memory chips brands: HYNIX, SEC, MICRON, ELPDA,KINSTON etc. Sent at random.


Memory channel: dual channel


CAS latency: CL9 (1333MHZ) /CL11 (1600mhz)


Memory timing: 9-9-9-24(1333MHZ)/11-11-11-28 (1600mhz)


Radiator: Yes


Insert: 240pin


Voltage: 1.5V


Product features: no buffer


Function: Non-ECC


Ram brand: Kingston


Factory Warranty: Lifetime Warranty


Informação adicional

Cable length

DDR2 2GB 800Mhz, DDR3 2GB 1333MHz, DDR3 2GB 1600MHz, DDR3 4GB 1333MHz, DDR3 4GB 1600MHz, DDR3 8GB 1333MHz, DDR3 8GB 1600MHz


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