Wireless Air Duster USB Dust Blower Handheld Dust Collector Rechargable Large Capacity Portable for PC Laptop Car Clean Keyboard

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1. Please insert the USB charging cable into the USB charging port of the blower, the red light flashes when charging, and the red light is always on when it is full.
2. It can be used by pressing the dust button, and the sequence of pressing (1.2.3 times) is (1.2 gears and shutdown gears). At the same time, there will be LEDs to display the working status
3. Touch the bright button to turn on/off the lighting LED
4. This machine uses a lithium ion battery, which can be charged as you use it (but does not support while charging). It does not need to wait until the battery is exhausted before charging. Keep the battery charged at any time, which is beneficial to extend the battery life.
5. When the product is working, the fan blades will rotate at a high speed. It is strictly forbidden to extend foreign objects into the product, otherwise the machine may be damaged


1. Strong wind. Quickly clean up dust and bacteria, clean without dead ends.
2. Small and portable. The host is about 450g.
3. USB charging.
4. Wireless handheld.
5. Efficient battery life, long-lasting dust collection, 45000r speed performance.


Power supply: DC5V
Power: 60W
Motor speed: 45000rpm
Battery capacity: 15000mAh
Charging time: about 7H
Use time: first gear: about 1H; second gear: about 0.8H
Material: ABS PP
Decibel: <80dB
Single unit weight: about 580g
Product size: about 18.9*7.9*13.1 cm
Charging interface: Typ-C interface
Charging current: 5V/2A

Package Listing

1* Dust blower
2* S uctionhead
1* USB cable

Product Detail


New Arrivals dust collector




Name: Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Color: Black


Rated Voltage: 12V

Input Voltage: DC 5V

Input Current: 2A

Battery Capacity: 6000 MAH

Speed: Approx. 65000 RPM

Suction: About 6800Pa

Two Gears Adjustable: Strong Gear, Standard Gear

Service Time: About 90min for Standard Gear, about 30min for Strong Gear

Charging Time: 3H

Product Inch: 153* 68 *192 mm

Application: Car & Home




-Meeting all kinds of cleaning needs. Space saving charging and wireless processing.

-Suitable for bedding, corners, bed bottoms, carpets, and furniture, etc.

-The ergonomic handle provides unlimited ease of use and grip.

-Filtration system to reduce secondary pollution and release healthy air during normal work.

-Quickly absorb damaged paper scraps, stones and other large particles, seeds, nut shells, melon skin, scattered soot.

-You can easily handle cabinet that are accidentally poured in. It can be inhaled quickly, so you don’t have to worry about staying at the dead spots.


Package Included:


1 x Vacuum Cleaner

1 x Brush Nozzle Tube

1 x Wind Collecting Tube

1 x Filter Screen

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual


Product Detail:



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Australia, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States, France, Italy, Poland, CN


6000 mah, 15000 mah, 6000mah Brush set, New Arrivals Duster, 15000 mah Brush set


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